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HR Tech: Keys to Success in People Management - Report

The report highlights the challenges faced by Human Resources professionals.

The HR Tech market, focused on people management, has proven to be resilient and essential in organizations. The pandemic accelerated its digitization and transformation.

Strategy, followed by technology and process changes, are key to success in this new work landscape. Managing talent in remote and hybrid modalities is also crucial.

Challenges for HR Professionals:

  • Race for Customer Control: Major players compete for dominance in the value chain, with none fully controlling it, creating opportunities for new players to challenge established norms.

  • Technological Confusion: The rapid evolution and emergence of new actors make it challenging for HR professionals to stay up-to-date.

To expedite digital transformation in HR, organizations can use incentives, training, and gamification. Furthermore, the success of digital transformation relies on a robust strategy, the right technology, and internal process changes.

This report is an excerpt from the full HR TRENDS 2023 report, which we prepared in May and published in June.

We hope you find the report interesting. If you would like us to come to your organization to present it or assist you in addressing these challenges, we would be delighted. Simply get in touch with us here.

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