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Beyond ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard & Co.

Generative AI is among us... It's already here!!!!...

Generative AI is here

All of you have surely already experimented with it, through one of the more than 10,000 applications that are estimated to exist or in some commonly used software that has incorporated to enhance some of its functions.

Surely, we wouldn't be wrong (or maybe we would! 🤣) if we say that you've probably experimented with ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E, Bing Images, Bard, ... not to mention those of you using Canva, Photoshop, or even LinkedIn, which have been incorporating functions based on Generative AI.

Beyond ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard & Co.

We wouldn't be left behind 🥳, and we've also joined the Generative AI party!

In addition to the well-known tools, we want to introduce you to some others, perhaps not as familiar but equally useful.

Let's dive into the selection:

This practical application is for managing outputs from meetings, especially in the era of video conferencing.

TL;DV serves as an assistant during meetings (works with Zoom, Meet, Teams), providing a text summary, highlights of agreements, and actions to be taken, all within seconds.


You'll have the recorded session, share it with others, and it integrates with various tools like Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, Trello, Monday, Miro, Notion, Airtable,...

It's super easy to use - offers a browser extension, supports +20 languages (handles Spanish well, not so much Catalan, for example, where it has some interpretative gaps).

The business model is freemium- tell you that the FREE version is excellent, but if you need more features (especially integrations, uploading external videos,...), the price is $20 per user.

Oh!!! and for the more PRO (or daring!!), it allows syncing with the calendar, and if desired, we can send the assistant to meetings that we can't attend for various reasons, and it will offer a summary of them... Another issue will be what the other attendees will think when they see our virtual assistant there present in "Bits" 🤓

It's a super interesting solution for those involved in marketing, e-commerce, and even the world of retail and visual merchandising.

Until now, when someone wanted to analyze information structure, element distribution, and visibility, in the physical or online world, one had to resort to focus groups or online tools, such as click/eye-tracking—which was complex, slow, and expensive.

But with Attention Insights, this is minimized a lot. The solution uses Generative AI to perform this analysis in minutes. Simply give it a URL, upload an image, and indicate what type of content/analysis you want... and the magic happens ✨.

It returns an attention analysis based on a heatmap, attention percentages, focus maps, and contrast maps,... and you can mark areas for segmented analysis.

The tool has a FREEMIUM model - you have 7 free trial days with 12 free analyses. Then we move on to the paid version, with a price of €19 per month for the basic version, which allows you to perform 25 analyses per month.


Since we discovered it, it's a "must" in many projects we undertake, as it allows us to have a quick initial vision, which we can then complement with analytical data.

And for offline projects—research, and point-of-sale positioning, it allows you to conduct studies very effectively.

The tool is based on a training database of over 70,000 images.

This application allows you to generate different formats of animated content. Perhaps the most spectacular is the one that allows you to animate still images - giving them rotation, pan, zoom,...

But we can also generate videos from other video pieces, generate audio pieces, 3D,...


It should be noted that in the market, there are similar ones like, but for functionalities, output quality, and cost, this is the one we like the most.

In this case, we also have a FREEMIUM model, with 250 credits (which goes a long way), and then  we can switch to the basic paid version, which is $12 per month (625 credits).

This application allows you to clone voices and make them say whatever you want with a simple script. It works on Discord.

You can do it using the voices from the library that the application itself offers you or if you wish (and you have copyright permissions - especially if you make commercial/professional use), upload a piece of at least 30 seconds of the desired voice and the application will use it for your voiceover.


Like the previous solutions, it is a FREEMIUM Model, with a basic plan of 12,500 characters and then a basic plan of 31.20 USD per month (3M characters and many more functions).

It's not a solution for everyday use... but it's very effective if you want to do something different.

This application allows you to create jingles, and small musical pieces—either instrumental or with voice. It works on the Discord platform.


Simply enter the theme, lyrics of your song, the desired music style, and then you can adjust the instrumentation.

It works with a FREEMIUM model, quite lenient, with the paid version being interesting if you want to give visibility to your creations on 3rd platforms—Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music,...

The free version gives you 10 songs (50 credits), and the basic paid version is $8 per month (500 songs and the possibility of commercial use).

It's a simple application, but it can save you a lot of time.


It allows you to automatically recolor black and white images. It's a FREEMIUM model but quite limited (3 credits - 3 images), and then you have to switch to the paid version, which is a one-time payment of $49.


Other applications that we play with regularly and will talk about in upcoming posts (to avoid turning this into something unbearable 🤯) are:

  • Tome: for creating keynotes

  • Perplexity: Combines Bard + ChatGPT

  • Draw: For creating diagrams

  • Autodraw: For creating schemes, visual note-taking

Well, we hope this selection is useful and piques your curiosity.

But remember, Generative AI is just that... technology!!! Behind it requires creativity, experience and human knowledge to obtain quality results.

Generative AI goes far beyond ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard & Co. and depending on functions, uses... it can be very useful and save time and money.

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