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The Brain Mixers Method

Hard-hitting truths

To consumers, before asking them, you have to offer them...

Be generous

Brain Mixers Methodology


We will never know more about your business than you or your team. We don't impose; instead, we recognize and help knowledge to emerge, to be homogenized and to be aware of its existence..


Before proposing or suggesting, it is strategically important for us to listen to our clients. And by clients, we mean not only our immediate interlocutor but also as many people as possible, including customers and stakeholders. Everyone has a unique perspective and assessment of the company, its distinctive features, and areas for improvement. We don't want to miss out on any valuable insights.



Only after recognizing and listening, we analyze the inputs received, both internal and external. We consolidate, integrate, and adapt them to the specific circumstances and needs of the brand/organization.


We help "break" paradigms and mental barriers, overcome resistance to adoption and change. In essence, we make knowledge flow, provide training, we accompany in the implementation, and ensure that people feel good and integrated into the projects.


There is no point in implementing projects if the internal teams responsible for them don't take ownership. We help teams "grow," take responsibility for projects, and gain independence to continue developing the company.



We don't settle for the obvious. We work not only to address short-term needs but also to help build transcendent brands in the medium to long term. To achieve this, we analyze trends and propose evolutions in value proposition, business models, positioning, and more. Brands are living entities that cannot remain anchored to a single reality.


We don't just stay in theory. If the project requires it, we accompany you throughout the implementation, coordination, integration, and launch process. We also offer the option of "micro-interim" support if you want ongoing guidance and advice beyond a specific project. We are passionate about evolving and growing with you.

And we cannot approach any project without...


We have an obsession with being able to measure the impact of all projects because "what cannot be measured is difficult to improve." We define key performance indicators (KPIs), build or assist in building dashboards, interpret data, and provide training to teams in this area. As good consultants, we propose evolutionary actions based on data to drive continuous improvement.

The Brain Mixers has its own methodology based on 7+3 steps:


We are disruptors

We always keep a hint of disruption... being strictly "correct" is nothing more than an inhibitor of creativity.

Creativity begins with sincerity and embracing potential nonconformity....

We like to rethink things... to appreciate the "Why?", the "How?", and above all, the "For what purpose?"... 

We help keep the spark of creativity alive!

If you want to learn more about our methodology, we will be delighted to assist you

The Brain

A new approach to understanding strategic business consulting

-We help build transcendent and and unique value propositions-

Flowing Knowledge

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