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Consulting Boutique

-We specialize in business strategy, digital transformation, marketing/communication, and trend analysis-

Flowing Knowledge


We focus on providing guidance in all stages of creating a sustainable business:

  • Definition of the "Reason Why!..."

  • Definition of a differential proposition

  • Definition of market opportunity

  • Confronted SWOT analysis

  • Definition of target audience and proposition alignment

  • Business model - traction and monetization

  • Interaction channels - tailored to the target audience

  • Pricing structure

  • Definition of tracking KPIs

Business strategy

Mkt/Comms strategy


To build a "differentiated and sustainable" business, it is crucial to establish a strong brand that resonates with consumers:

  • Analysis of "Drivers" & "Barriers".

  • Definition of "Killer promise" + "Minimum promise".

  • Establishment of brand values

  • Construction of brand messages

  • Definition of interaction channels - ON/OFF

  • Definition of user acquisition channels

  • Establishment of "performance" metrics

  • 2.0 and 3.0 strategy - Social Media & Native content

Product Optimization


We help you build and/or optimize your digital product. We create from scratch and also conduct detailed audits of digital products:

  • Functional proposal analysis

  • Evolutionary functional definition

  • Analysis and definition of core paths

  • UI/UX analysis

  • Multi-channel proposal structuring

  • e.commerce strategy evaluation

  • Service accessibility optimization

  • Performance metrics definition

  • Performance analysis and optimization

  • Email marketing strategy and notifications

In-company Training


As part of our support to clients in their digital transition, we provide in-company training covering the following knowledge areas:

  • Business models

  • Online marketing

  • Mobile marketing

  • Communication strategies

  • Web analytics

  • Mail marketing/notification strategies

  • Entrepreneurship - Creative disruption

  • Leadership - Team building

We also prepare specific sessions for clients based on their needs - Masterclasses/Webinars/Courses/...

Innovation & Creativity


We encourage "thinking out of the box" - helping companies envision and navigate the blue oceans that lie before them:

  • Paradigm detection and analysis

  • Detection and analysis of "showstoppers".

  • Detection and empowerment of internal "influencers".

  • Creation of knowledge flow dynamics

  • Filtering and qualification of disruptive ideas

  • Creation of innovation workshops

  • Boosting the conversion of ideas into reality

  • Search for external inspirations

Trends catching


We go beyond the known and established. We seek to uncover the future needs of consumers and the market in order to build new, tailored value propositions:

  • Market analysis

  • Socio-demographic trends analysis

  • Focus group development

  • New players Analysis

  • New business models detection

  • Business evolution patterns definition

  • Niches business opportunity detection

  • Business disruption strategy

Team structuring


We assist companies in their "cultural" transformation to address new challenges. We drive and help build high-performing teams:

  • Level of digitalization analysis

  • Definition of critical skills to be developed

  • Training plan establishment

  • Functional structuring of teams

  • Identification of profiles to be filled

  • Support in the hunting/selection process

  • Individual mentoring for strategic profiles

  • Promotion of team synergies

  • Facilitation of knowledge flow

Mentoring & Advising


Are you launching a new digital business? Are you going through a business transformation? Are you considering digital transformation for your business? ... We can assist you throughout the process and accompany you along the way

  • Start-ups Mentoring

  • Advising high-level management teams

  • Strategic planning

  • Strategic guidance

  • Temporary outsourcing of business/marketing/strategy

  • Investment analysis

  • Fundraising

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