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Our commitment

The Brain Mixers also aims to be a transcendent brand, it couldn't be otherwise!

Therefore, from day one, we have three pillars of our transcendent commitment.


Commitment 1

Organizations that create positive societies

3% of our monthly revenue is donated to a social cause. We hope to eventually reach 10%, but we're taking it step by step. The donations will be made public on our website and social media channels.

Commitment 2

Helping businesses from day one

We dedicate 10 hours per month of our expertise, providing pro bono assistance to early-stage projects. We want to support all brands, and we know that starting out is never easy. That's why we stand by your side.

funcionamiento de los pares

Commitment 3

We are grateful, especially when we have fun

We believe in having fun, enjoying our clients, and our work. That's why if you help us have a good time in your project, we will show our gratitude by offering you a discount.

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