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F**News No.2 Ago'23- our monthly summary

At The Brain Mixers, true to our monthly tradition, we present to you Our No.2 of F**News, covering everything that caught our attention in the past 30 days

F** News August 2023

In this summer edition, you will find a little bit of everything, but we highlight the following news:

-The liquidity problems faced by two Spanish start-ups, COLVIN and VOLAVA, coincidentally due to over-optimism in their scaling and the abandonment of their investors, who were the ones pushing them on that path - a classic case.

-The withdrawal of GETIR from the Spanish market, another example of the failure of "fast delivering" models, which, while conceptually appealing, might not be a good business in and of themselves.

-The interest in sustainability among Spanish and Latin American Hispanics, showing greater concern compared to Americans or inhabitants of the United Kingdom, particularly led by younger generations.

-The cyberattack carried out by Russian hackers on the renowned jewelry company Rabat and 14 other Spanish companies.

-The rise of social search engines in Spain, gradually chipping away at Google's market share.

-The list of European countries with the most AI-focused startups, with Estonia leading in the number of companies per million inhabitants and the UK having the most in absolute value.

-The alliance between Microsoft and Meta in the field of Generative AI to target Google. LlaMA is now available in the Azure environment.

-Spotify's struggles to become a profitable business. Despite steady growth in premium users, Q2'23 marked the second-worst quarter in losses in their history.

-Temu, the new player in the Chinese e-commerce scene, making a strong impact in Europe.

And to top it off... the surreal advertising campaigns of Arroces La Fallera, featuring Chimo Bayo, and SsanYong with Pocholo leading the way... pure glamour in its essence!!!

Oh, and let's not forget the incredible wedding menus that McDonald's offers in Indonesia - a fantastic plan!!

Everything mentioned above and a few more things in nº2 of F**News - August 2023 edition 🏄 ...

We hope you like it, find it interesting, and enjoy it with a cool breeze 🌊...

Oh! And as always, if you have any interesting news, we would be delighted to receive them and include them in future issues... the next one in September 😊

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