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Google accelerates in the race of AI

The battle for dominance in the Generative AI race is unstoppable, and above all, it is moving at a dizzying speed. Google aims to be the dominant player.

Not a day goes by without news on the subject—technological advances, organisationalNo changes, mega investment rounds, regulatory attempts, or new projects...

A few days ago, Google introduced its new solution, GEMINI. Beyond the user interface, GEMINI is essentially a foundational model (LLM) that directly competes with OpenAI's.

Until now, Google had Bard AI, based on its foundational model Palm-2, along with significant investments in companies like Anthropic or Inflection.

However, with GEMINI, it seems that Google is determined to break the rules of the game and set the pace for the industry.

In various tests, GEMINI has shown truly impressive results compared to the foundational models, surpassing even those obtained by ChatGPT-4-

But perhaps what has caught everyone's attention the most is the video that Google has distributed showcasing the capabilities of its model and its interaction with users:

The truth is, watching the video, one is amazed at the potential of AI, and it becomes evident that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. 🧊.

However, our shuffle has fallen apart 🥮...  when it was revealed that the video is not 100% accurate

(I wouldn't say 'fake,', as Gemini is indeed capable of doing what is shown in the video, but not in the exact way it is portrayed).

The reality is that what we see in the video, which made our "mouths water" 🤤-  is not 100% accurate. GEMINI requires contextual PROMPTS, which are not shown in the video (meaning it's not as intelligent as they make it seem), and there is LATENCY (meaning it's not as fast as it appears).

In conclusion, GEMINI is a significant advancement and will likely motivate other players to introduce improvements and continue in this crazy race. However, it's essential to keep in mind that, for now, these systems lack as much intelligence as one might think (interpretation and speed of contextualization).

Another issue to consider is why Google tried to deceive us with a video that isn't real. I believe it's a serious mistake, and the excuse they give, 'to inspire developers,' doesn't convince me 🤬... It seems more like an attempt to show markets and shareholders that GOOGLE sets the pace in the market and not OpenAI/Microsoft.

However, in today's world, businesses and actions based on 'disinformation/withholding information' are destined to fail 😳.

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